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Item # e1, Thermal Protector Type e1

Application: Thermal Protectors (TP) of version e1 with normally closed contacts are standard versions, utilised for overheating protection of all kinds of electrical equipments or devices, e. g. for electric motors, heaters and transformers. They can either be installed on or embedded inside the windings. Due to their small overall dimensions, they will fit even in smallest space.

Design: The version e1 has an epoxy coating for best thermal transfer to the housing. Therefore –when fitting – the base insulation of the switch is provided and does not need to be done by the customer. The insulation is marked with the manufacturer logo, type and the nominal switching temperature with its tolerance.

Operation: If, in case of overheating, the rated switching temperature of the bimetallic disc is reached, it suddenly snaps over to open the contacts. After cooling down to the resetting temperature, the bimetallic disc resets and causes the contacts to reclose.

The data of this table refers to the standard version. For others - please inquire. 

Diameter d

10.1 mm

Height h

4.0 mm


  • Smallest dimensions - therefore suitable for smallest applications
  • High response sensitivity - featured by small protector mass and the metal-housing
  • Excellent long term performance - performance of reproducible switching temperature values due to instantaneous switching, fine-silver contacts, constant contact resistance and to electrically as well as mechanically unstressed bimetallic disc
  • Very short bouncing times - < 1 ms
  • Instantaneous switching - with constant contact pressure over the whole temperature range
  • Temperature resistance - by use of high temperature resistant materials and components
  • Contact Type

    Normally Closed (NC)

    Nominal Switching Temperature1

    70 - 160 ºC

    Standard Tolerance

    ±5 K

    Resetting Temperature (RST)


    Operating Voltage2

    100V up to 500 V AC

    Rated Voltage

    (at 50Hz – 60Hz) 250 V AC

    Rated Current INOM Approved Values

    2.5A cos φ = 1.0 over 10,000 switching cycles
    1.6 A cos φ = 0.6 over 10,000 switching cycles

    Current Sensitivity at INom


    Max. Switching Current at 250 V AC

    5.0 A cos φ = 1.0 over 300 switching cycles

    Contact Bounce Time

    < 1 ms

    Impregnation Resistance3


    Contact Resistance4

    < 50

    Vibration Proof (at 10 to 60 Hz)

    100 m/s²

    Pressure Stability of Housing5

    150 N

    Switch Insulation

    Epoxy coating

    Dielectric Strength6

    1.450 V

    Standard Connection Leads

    multi stranded wire 0.25 mm²

    Approvals Acc. to Design for

    VDE with reference to EN 60730 -1; EN 60730 -2-9
    CB *) with reference to EN 60730 -1 (3rd ); EN 60730 -2-9 (2nd )

    *) The "European Accreditation CB Scheme" Certificate, named CB- Certificate, covers almost all national approvals.

    Marking Example

    1 in steps of 5 K
    2 DC - available, values on inquiry
    3 acc. to Thermik-test
    4 with reference to MIL – STD. R 5757
    5 acc. to Thermik-test
    6 with reference to IEC


    Thermal Protector Type e1 Technical Data Sheet
    (PDF, 281KB)