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Thermal protectors series CH6/SH6

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Application:Thermal Protectors (TP) of type H6 are specially designed to the requirements of middle-sized standard electric motors where a high short-circuit current appears and if after overheating and subsequent cooling an automatic resetting is required.

Design: The temperature limiting switches H6 are based on the well proven mechanism of Thermik’s product series 06. Due to a reinforced contact system the SH6-protectors are adapted to higher currents.
Versions :
  • SH6 with insulation cap
  • CH6 without insulation cap

    Operation:If, in the case of overheating, the rated switching temperature of the bimetallic disc is reached, this suddenly snaps over and opens the contacts. After cooling down beyond its resetting temperature, the bimetallic disc resets to close the contacts.

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    Item #

    Item Name

    Diameter dmax

    Height hmax

    Lengths of Insulation Cap Imax

    Contact Type

    Nominal Switching Temperature

    Operating Voltage

    Housing Insulation

    CH6 Type H6 Thermal Protector without Insulation Cap 9.3 mm 7.2 mm N/A Normally Closed (NC) 70 - 200 ºC 500 V AC N/A
    SH6 Type H6 Thermal Protector with Insulation Cap 9.8 mm 7.6 mm 17 mm Normally Closed (NC) 70 - 200 ºC 500 V AC Insulation cap: Mylar - Nomex ®
      Results 1 - 2 of 2 1